John McClaine (negativepete) wrote,
John McClaine

I hate Bill Walton

Pistons have been scaring me, but are playing well right now, very well. I purchased the new Dave Mathews Band album, good cd. Bought Ready to Die by Biggie, and haven't stopped listening to it. Nothing better than feeling gangsta and what not. Signed up for my classes, nothing like Chinese Religion to keep your mind in shape. Simpsons season finale tonight, go Sunday's! Last weekend's Harpos weekend was exciting, Mastodon was great and Soilwork left me bruised, good stuff. Coming back home June 3rd for COC and Crowbar at Harpos. Met a cool tattoo artist at work, so he said he could give me some good hookups on tattoos and piercing and what not, so this summer should be fun. If anyone wants to come out to good ole' Kalamazoo and party for a weeking anytime soon, the invitation is open. I have plenty of room at my apartment, and there's plenty of parties on the weekend. Anyway, time to go drink. I'm out like Johnie Cochran!
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