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Cheez its are fucking good.

back to school. Classes are treating me pretty good. 36 more credit hours after this semester and i will be done with college. I figure if i take summer classes, i should be done next year. In the past month i have watched full seasons of 24, The Shield, Charmed, Sex and the city, Family guy, and aqua team hunger force. That is a hell of a lot of televison, and i still managed to do a lot of cool shit in the mean time. The new Bleeding Through cd is good, very good. I figure i'll be back to Chesterfield super bowl weekend. My stay will consist of attending the God Forbid show at harpos, and attempting to go down town and being involved in a drunkin clusterfuck. First time i used the phrase "drunkin clusterfuck". Pistons and playoff football tonight, should be fun. Hopefully i'll wind up at some random house party tonight with a good buzz and enough cash in my pocket to get a cab ride home. Enough for me and the three girls i will take home! Or maybe four girls........depends on my mood! Time to break out like a horrible rash!
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