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So, i haven't updated in this thing for a while. No real reason to i guess. School and work are currently kicking my ass, but i will overcome like so many other heros before me. Music has been good to me lately, the new fear factory is fucking good. I also have been listening to a lot of Royce da 5'9. A lot of good detroit rap cd's have been coming out Hush, proof, bizarre, Royce. I'm going to see halo of the locusts which is Randy Blythe from lamb of gods side project. Their playing right down the street from my apartment at a small club so that should be fun. I am enjoying my new apartment, haven't met many new people yet but the year is young. Pistons start up soon, and i have been watching way too much football. I have started buying horror movies for the upcoming halloween season, now that i read this the more things fucking change the more they stay the same. not complaining though, life seems like it continues to build to something i've been waiting for, just really not sure exactley what that may be. maybe a lottery win or maybe a non painful way to die. one can only to class...fuck concepts and applications, why can't it be strippers and beer instead!
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