John McClaine (negativepete) wrote,
John McClaine

A good ole fashioned country hoedown!

Fuck. Jesus, Michael Jackson, fucking George W. Bush. Holy shit, i'm not in a good fucking mood. I just came to the realization that in the past 2 years, i have gotten by mentally on the pistons winning basketball games. It sounds extremely upsurd, but in all fucking honesty, i have spent every day following them, and i guess it became a very important part of my life. When they won the championship, i watched the game alone, and it was like having a big fucking party with 20 people and getting laid by the hottest girl that showed up. i basked in the glory of that party all summer, and follwed them all season. Here i sit, two days away from what could be the last game, and i am kinda bitter. a little bit frusterated, somewhat pissed. I'm out here in fucking kalamazoo, and i can't even express my anger in a typical guy setting. Go to work tomorrow i tell myself, that will make you feel better. Be broke i tell myself, that will make you smile. be depressed, that will make life completely pointless. I had a car full of girls just drive by and honk their horn saying "hey baby", and all i could do was keep walking and tell myself they were being funny. My confidence is completely gone again, and i feel like the only way i can get it back is to morph into someone else, but then i realize that i'm not fond of most others, so i have to try to rise above like Dr. Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa. stupid pistons.
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