John McClaine (negativepete) wrote,
John McClaine

jesus and all his wisdom and long hair.

Thought i would update my life status in case anyone i used to talk to was wonder if i was alive or dead or in some sort of purgatory or something. I'm out at Western Michigan trying to finish up my degree. That's really weird to say. I have an apartment in Kalamazoo and i work for a beer distributorship that is close by. I wonder if i'll ever work anywhere that isn't surrounded by beer? Cool thing about Kalamazoo is being able to go to concerts in grand rapids. i've been to some cool concert clubs. I work, drink, workout and watch basketball. On the weekends i work on my autobiography which i have entitled Ass, The story of Steve and how he kicks it! I haven't been back in the hometown area in a while, but i make my return to see Soilwork and Mastodon at Harpos. I had a girlfriend for a while but she deflated and her boobs became really flat so we broke up. Anyone read about head from Korn and how he flipped his fucking wig? good stuff. maybe people will make him the next jesus. They could call him the head of jesus, or Jesus's head. other than that, i believe that is that.
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