John McClaine (negativepete) wrote,
John McClaine

hooney, hoontz, rar, hoondog.

fuck an update and a fucking entry. i am very happy. this is going out to myself. i listen. anyway, i am very fucking proud of you. 3.6 grade point average. i wanted to pat you on the fucking back. managed to drink a lot of fucking beer, but worked out ever fucking day and lost 15 pounds. Sent out your applications to western, and saving money for a place to live. I like the fact that you work every fucking day and go to school every fucking day. You have your own fucking self to thank. How about your friends? You mean high school friends? If you are reading this, i am willing to venture your not my friend. In all seriousness, i have nothing against anyone i went to highschool with. I met a lot of cool people that i am sure will go far in life. I had friends during high school that because of life circumstances i no longer communicate with. Life is bitter and sweet at the same time i guess. I had a great time. Goodbye NEGATIVEPETE. 5 years updating in an internet community thing. In the longrun, i guess i was just really talking to myself.
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