John McClaine (negativepete) wrote,
John McClaine

reformated 20 year old super man.

my new outlook on life is finally starting to impact my everyday life. Since i have been working out and been on a diet, i have lost 15 pounds. I couldn't really tell a difference in the way i looked until i took my lazy ass to buy some new clothes. Being that i have been wearing nothing but stolen pistons clothing for the past year, i figured it was time to change my wardrobe a bit. I am currently trying to save money for school, so i ventured to the thriftstore. This was the first time i have ever looked for clothes in a thriftstore, so it took a little while to get used to it. I ended up walking out with some cool clothes for 20 bucks. After i had my hair cut and dyed, i found myself seeing a difference between the old and new steve. My new goal is to start going different places every weekend. Royal Oak, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, it really doesn't matter, i just want to get away from my boring ass routine. I spend my weekends drinking and hanging out with my damn self, so why not go somewhere that might contain some intelligent life. If i find myself not enjoying this new routine, than i always have alchol to comfort me.
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